Prospective Students

Current Openings

I anticipate accepting a masters-level graduate in Fall 2019, so please contact me if you are interested in working in the lab.

As research projects pick up in the summer months, I will be seeking undergraduate research assistants for field and laboratory projects.

Advising philosophy

I believe that both your college and graduate degree should provide you with practical skills that will help you pursue the career of your choice, whether it be academic teaching and research, consulting, resource management, or whatever path you may choose. As such, I expect my students to be willing to pursue a multidisciplinary education and seek training and skills beyond the minimum necessary to perform their research. Although it has gone out of fashion in modern biology, I believe that understanding the natural history of your system and study species is critical to developing reasonable hypotheses and answering biologically important questions. I believe that scientific research should not exist solely in the hallowed halls of academia and strongly encourage my students to participate in public outreach and frame their research in ways that will guide responsible resource management.